Students Corner


The following colours have profound significance and are entrenched in Korean dynasties (Koguryo and Silla). Black, red, and blue denoted the various levels of hierarchy during these dynasties.
These colors represent a student’s progression in Tae Kwon Do.



10th White Belt Innocence, as that of a beginning student in Tae Kwon Do with no previous knowledge of the art.

Yellow Stripe


Yellow Stripe



Yellow Belt

Signifies the Earth from which a plant sprouts and takes root comparable to the laying of a foundation in Tae Kwon Do.

Green Stripe


Green Stripe



Green Belt

Signifies the plant’s growth as the skills in Tae Kwon Do begin to develop.

Blue Stripe


Blue Stripe



Blue Belt

Signifies the Heaven, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Tae Kwon Do progresses.

Red Stripe


Red Stripe



Red Belt

Signifies danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to stay away.

Black Stripe


Black Stripe

Double Black Stripe

1st -1

Double Black Stripe

Black Belt (1st degree)

1st Degree Black Belt

Opposite of white, signifying the maturity and proficiency in Tae Kwon Do. Indicates also the wearer’s imperviousness to darkness and fear.

Black Belt (2nd degree)

2nd Degree Black Belt

Black Belt (3rd degree)

3rd Degree Black Belt

Black Belt (4th degree)

4th Degree Black Belt


Command Terms

English Korean
Line Up Chul Sa
Attention Cha Ryot
Bow Kyong Ye
Sit Down An Jo
Meditate Mook Yum
Stand Up E La Sutt
Ready Position Joon-bi
Begin Shi Jak
Return to Ready Position Baro
Rest Shee Yoe
Stop Go Mon
Come Here Ee Dee Wha
Hurry Balee Balee
Quiet Ko Yo Han
Turn Doe Rha
Turn 180 Degrees Dee Row Doe Rha
Reverse Pon Tay


English Korean
Yes Nha
No Ahn Nee Yoe
Thank You For Teaching Us Con Sa Hom Nee Dha
I am Sorry Mee On Hom Nee Dha
Thank You Co Mop Sim Nee Dha
You Are Welcome Chun Mun A Yoe
Hello Ya Boe Say Yo
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, how are you? Ahn Young Ha Sim Nee Kah or Ahn Young Ha Say Yo
How do you do? (You may use these two salutations at anytime of the day or as a reply to the same greeting). Ahn Young Hee Kay Say Yo

Names and Titles

English Korean
Degree (Black Belt) Dan
Holder Of Degree (Black Belt) Rank Yu Dan Cha
Grade (Rank Below Black Belt) Gup
Jeja Student
Nim Term of respect “honorable”
Sa Bum Nim Instructor
Kwan Jung Nim Director of a Martial Arts School, Style or Organization.
Grand Master (National Martial Arts Teacher) Kuk Sa Nim

Hand Parts

English Korean
Hand Son (also, “Soo”);
Knife Hand Son Kal
Reverse Knife Hand Son Kal Dung
Fist (To Smash Or Destroy With Fist) Kwon
Ju Mok Fist
Ap Ju Mok Forefist
Back Fist Dung Ju Mok
Yup Ju Mok Side Fist (Hammer Fist)
Strike Ter Ri Kee
Punch Chirigee
Reverse Punch Pon Tay Chirigee
Block Makee
Outer Forearm Block Pal Moke Makee
Inner Forearm Block An Pal Moke Makee
Rising Outer Forearm Block Huke Yo Pal Moke Makee


English Korean
Stance So Gee
Close Stance Moa So Gee
Parallel Stance Naranee So Gee
Parallel Ready Stance Naranee Choon Bee So Gee
Walking Stance Gunnun So Gee
Front Stance Ap So Gee
L-Stance Niunja So Gee
Back Stance Foo Gul So Gee
Rear Foot Stance Dwit Bal So Gee
Sitting Stance Kee Ma So Gee
Diagonal Stance Sanun So Gee
Low Stance Nachuo So Gee
X-Stance Kyocha So Gee
Fixed Stance Ko Chung So Gee
Vertical Stance Soo Jik So Gee
Waebal So Gee One-Leg Stance
Bending Stance Guburyo So Gee

Kicking Techniques

English Korean
Kick Cha Gee
Front Kick Ap Cha Gee
Side Kick Yup Cha Gee
Turning Kick Tollyo Cha Gee
Reverse Turning Kick Pon Tay Tollyo Cha Gee
Crescent Kick Bandal Cha Gee
Back Kick Dwee Cha Gee
Downward Kick Naeryo Cha Gee
Hooking Kick Golcho Cha Gee
Twisting Kick Bitro Cha Gee

Basic Terms

English Korean
Uniform Doe Boke
Belts Dhee
National Flag Kuk Ki
Association Flag Won Ki
Low Section Ha Don
Middle Section Choong Don
High Section Son Don
Pattern (Form) Poomse (also “Poom Say”)

Numbers And Counting

1 Hana 1st Il
2 Dool 2nd Ee
3 Set 3rd Sam
4 Net 4th Sa
5 Dasut 5th Oh
6 Yasut 6th Yook
7 Eel gop 7th Chil
8 Yuh dul 8th Pal
9 Ah hap 9th Koo
10 Yul 10th Ship