After School Program

Our goal at the Winning Circle After School Program is to provide quality care for the children in a safe environment utilizing appropriate martial arts activities to meet individual needs and build character through Martial Arts Training. A true Martial Artist lives a life of Honour through their actions, they are leaders and earn respect through what they say and do each and every day.


  • Winning Circle provides an After School Martial Arts program that enhances the lives of children.
  • Physically we develop their balance, strength, coordination, and fitness that helps them grow to be strong & confident in their abilities.
  • Mentally we plant in them fundamental values of respect, discipline, positive attitude, and persistence that will help them lead happy and fulfilling lives.
  • Emotionally we give them self confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of self-worth to help them make sound, positive decisions wherever they may go or wherever they may be. This is the critical aspect of teaching children these fundamental skills which prevent them from becoming the victim of bullying.
  • Personal safety, focus, character development, & improved academics are only some of the benefits of this program;  Studies have found that martial arts training has a direct correlation with the improvement of children’s school grades. Our After School Program is a week-to-week, year-round program that takes the place of daycare, extended care or babysitting.


Drop off: Parents are responsible for arranging drop-off at our Kanata location. School buses can be designated to stop at our drop-off zone.


Arrival: Children will have time to socialize and interact with their fellow classmates during a 15 min snack time. Snacks are provided at the option of the parents and follow our nutritious snack menu.


Schedule: Our University educated and bilingual staff will spend 30 min going over supervised homework time and helping kids with their studies.


Martial Arts / Game Time: This is where kids can really let loose. Our weekly schedule is filled with interactive games that keep the kids focused and involved. Along with fun and games, kids will learn essential life-shaping skills such as leadership, build confidence, and learn to respect others while respecting oneself.


*This program is currently suspended*