Junior Dragons (7-13)




We Are Your Anti-Bullying Advocates


Winning Circle’s Little Dragons Program is a combination of fun and interactive group classes that provides kids with the perfect way to learn self-defense, get exercise, and learn values like discipline, respect, and self-confidence. We offer the most complete training available to help kids develop strength, coordination, balance and physical agility. The training also teaches kids to become more focused, both inside and outside of the classroom.  At Winning Circle we provide mentorship along with the most comprehensive martial arts program you can find anywhere.  Our instructors are role models who instil the values of hard work and having a positive attitude. They teach kids important skills related to safety and how to effectively deal with bullying. Above all, our friendly team of instructors strives to help kids successfully handle the challenges of growing up.




Your child will learn not only to respect others, but to have self-respect as well.

The lessons about respect your child learns through martial arts will mold them into a better person overall.


Building confidence helps victims of bullying feel more confident about themselves. Self-confidence in itself is often a deterrent to bullying. For bullies, building confidence reduces the bully’s need to seek attention by bullying others.


Learning discipline helps victims of bullying manage their behavior to prevent provoking others. For bullies, learning discipline encourages positive behaviors while discouraging negative ones. It provides clear cut rules for acceptable behavior.


Learning about leadership helps victims of bullying make more friends, thereby reducing their chances of being bullied. For bullies, learning about leadership teaches them how to work others, recognizing how others feel in the process.


Mastering self-control helps victims of bullying recognize what behaviors cause a conflict to become worse and then prevent these. For bullies, mastering self-control promotes emotional awareness and teaches them how to control negative feelings.


Stress Relief
Victims of bullying experience extreme stress. If bullied at school, they’re often anxious to attend. Martial arts relieve stress, making your child feel less anxious and more at ease. For bullies, using martial arts to relieve stress helps lent out pent up energy and anger. It gives them a safe space to blow off steam. Of course, self-defense is a part of martial arts. But the process of learning these self-defense techniques is about building confidence. A victim of bullying that now knows they can protect themselves thanks to their martial arts training will appear much more confident. Much of the time, this confidence in itself prevents bullying.