Ninjutsu is an ancient art of the ninjas (Aka shinobi) of Japan. It is a unique method of moving and thinking which developed our system often referred to us the art of winning. Taijustu is the basic defence method used. This method of relaxed continues body movement allows the user to create a never ending supply of effective counters to any given defence situation and is unique to Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu is a complete fighting system dealing with the Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of student development. Techniques cover locks, throws, ground fighting, multiple attacks, modern weaponry, and all types of traditional Ninjutsu weaponry. In fact in Ninjutsu, there is no restriction on the type of available technique we can add on to our taijutsu. The power of this relaxed system has to be experienced to be appreciated.


This Martial Arts class is a first step to gaining a better understanding about yourself and your Martial Arts commitment. We teach fundamental strategies to help your quest, beginners and advanced students are welcome.

We will be using the art of Ninpo as a method, helping you either to discover, or improve, your existing abilities and digging deep into the concept of self protection and survival.

Bufū ikkan




Disclaimer: This program is currently suspended.