Green Belt



(Children and Adults)


Signifies the plant’s growth as the Tae Kwon Do begin to develop.

Pattern or Poomse:

WON-HYO(28 movements) was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 A.D.

Kicking Requirements:

  • 360° degree House Kick
  • 180° degree Jumping Round House Kick
  • Step Hooking Kick
  • 180° degree Spinning Hook Kick

Combination of Punches and Blocks: Adults Only

  • Fixed Stance Punch
  • Knife Hand Inward Strike; Set up at shoulder level with attack tool tilted to the neck @ 15°.
  • Bending Stance; Side Kick, Side Punch. Stance is @ 45°
  • Circular Block; Set up at belt level and do not carry arm past the lead leg. Circular block remains at chest level.
  • Middle Guarding Block; Hands are at chest level, inside the shoulder line.

Self Defence: (Movements and Applications)

  • Confirm with Subuhnim

Bag Work and Target Training

Free Starring


  • Meaning of WON-HYO
  • How Many Movements in WON-HYO
  • Movements Application
  • Description of Technique and Stance
  • Closed Ready Stance A, Fixed Stance, Bending Stance A

Board Breaking: (Technique Will Vary)

  • Practice Technique-the instructor will let you know your techniques at least 2-4 weeks in advance.
  • Surprise Technique-the instructor will let you know on test day.
  • Breaking will be either regular, power breaking, speed breaking, and/or special technique breaking.